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  1. Darthas System Admin 1d 3h ago

    Quote by AlenasThe men have the tendency to make petty excuses related to females when something doesn't go their way. Besides, I'm not the one with any issues; you apparently have one where you're incompetent and incapable of picking a simple color code for your posts.

    An excuse would mean the man was wrong - he wasn't.
    I asked you for a code because of your sensitive eyesight circa 2015; when pink was the colour and you were saying it blinded you.

    Why am I crudely being labelled as incompetent when my asking was entirely out of concern for your eyesight?

  2. Darthas System Admin 1d 22h ago

    Quote by AlenasIt's not my fault you're apparently colorblind and can never get it right.

    The female mind has tendencies to depict issues where none exists.

  3. Darthas System Admin 2d 19h ago

    Quote by AlenasDo you expect me to procure one for you? Get it yourself, you lazy bum.

    Typical. Never gets the code then complains it's too bright or too dark later on.

  4. Darthas System Admin 3d 23h ago

    Quote by Alenas What are you waiting for? Go and make people even more miserable here! \o/

    Where's my colour code?

  5. Darthas System Admin 4d 1h ago

    Quote by AlenasAs for text color, I believe you haven't used orange yet to induce retina cancer in people lol

    The colour code would be divine.

  6. Darthas System Admin 4d 2h ago

    Quote by AlenasSee, only you think that way about me. And at least I have a beating heart, as opposed to your emotionless tin can~


    If I felt no emotions, laughing at you wouldn't be as satisfying as it is.

  7. Monu-chan 4d 4h ago

    Quote by AlenasHaha, thanks, maybe it'll help me finish some leftover WIPs I have. >_>

    Nah, I think everyone can make a pretty amazing wall, all it takes is some effort and practice. You've already come a long way from your first works here so I think you would also make a great wall out of that vector. /o/

    Sorry for late reply!
    Lol, you're welcome! :D

    Yup, needs effort and practice plus tons of patience for vectors and concentration when painting..... I'll try my best to make a wall from that vector, need to think of appropriate BG.
    I've started a twin bishie wall, characters are almost done (Since it's just shirt less guys, it was fun playing with gradients on coloring skin xD), today I'll start BG. Quick Glance~ It's not Yaoi! xD

  8. Darthas System Admin 4d 11h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Awww...joke's on you. My eyes are very soulful. I'm also not a robot~

    You're something much more sinister and soulless.

  9. Darthas System Admin 4d 12h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    You have a better idea? I'm all for it. If you tell me some dumb color like brown, you're going in the wood chipper.

    But brown would match the color of your soulless eyes so nicely~

    No thanks, nothing that relates me to you.

  10. Darthas System Admin 4d 12h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Says a guy who uses an ugly mustard yellow color for his posts. Oh, the irony.

    You have a better idea? I'm all for it. If you tell me some dumb color like brown, you're going in the wood chipper.

  11. Darthas System Admin 4d 14h ago

    What an ugly ass yellow name you have. Mine is superior in every way.

  12. Monu-chan 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by AlenasNo motivation, lol. But, here you have a smexy vector, so by all means, if you want to use this for a wall, it's all yours xD

    *Unloads barrels of motivation on your head* xD
    I can but it won't be amazing like yours... >.> Golden Goddess' wall have a charm! *w*