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  1. yoneyu 1d 11h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by yoneyu Love the extra petals and the magenta hues! The trees in the bg are also a great addittion <3 Everything ties in perfectly <3

    Thanks! Glad you liked the little additions and tweaks! xD

    Quote: Thank you kindly for the nice comment and the support you've shown me! *hugz*

    You're welcome! Your works are really awesome and it's a pleasure to see you evolve and improve more and more each time. Congrats on the highlight, too, it's well deserved! *hugs* <3

    Wow I just noticed the highlight! Thank you so very much for suggesting it, I don't know what to say!
    Thank you so, so much! *glomps*

  2. yoneyu 3d 8h ago

    Thank you kindly for the nice comment and the support you've shown me! *hugz*

  3. GoldenApe 6d 15h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by GoldenApe
    *stuff was said

    Lol @ *stuff was said xD

    Oh god, no. No doctorate. I barely survived writing two theses for my masters, I don't want to slave over another 100+ pages of it all lol. No, it's simply a test taken for some vocations after which you get a license of sorts that proves you're really capable of doing what you slaved over for years. In short, I'll have to revise everything I've been studying + some annoying crap like Croatian Constitution. Blegh.

    Also, happy (slightly belated) birthday~ xD

    Hmm, all I know about the Croatian constitution is that it's also known as the 'Christmas constitution', which kinda undermines the seriousness of such a document :D.
    Anyway, thanks :)

  4. GoldenApe 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by GoldenApe
    *stuff was said

    Haha, yeah, I still sometimes think how awesome it was back in the glory days. I miss those days, too. Sadly, we can only reminisce about them now and be nostalgic about it. xD

    Having your own apartment is awesome! I miss the freedom that comes with it, having your own place where you can do what you want and when you want. And yes, I finally graduated last year in October lol! I'm currently doing my internship, been there since February and I'll be done next February. Then, unfortunately, I am still not quite done with studying, because when I finish my internship, I have to study for the professional exam, which is like the accumulation of all the knowledge I've gathered in certain field during my Uni education, pass that and THEN I can finally be done with that shit and search for a real job. It sucks balls and I hate the very notion of it but eh, I'll survive somehow. I hope my memory will still serve me by then. >_>

    Other than that, I've pretty much had no life lol. Except doing scanlation and making a random wallpaper here and there. xD

    Wow, so is this for a doctorate or something? Do I need to call you Doktor Sani when you're done? :D
    Anyways, ganbatte ne!

  5. ArtificialRaindrop 5wk 3d ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop I absolutely love how vibrant all of the colors turned out! :D

    Photoshop... what is this photoshop of which your speak? >_> <_< >_>

    Lol, I'm glad to see old, familiar faces here. I've missed you guys~ T_T Thankies~

    And haha, yeah, tell me about it. It's a miracle I still know how anything works in that thing. >_>
    How's life treating ya? Working on anything or has RL gotten the best of you, too? xD

    Real life definitely took over. I started a new job with a school system recently so I can finally have summers off. One day I will actually finish the wallpapers I have sitting around on my computer >_> I try to peek in from time to time, at least! Also, I noticed Animepaper is gone :O

  6. GoldenApe 5wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by GoldenApe Happy Birthday, Sani-chan! :3

    Oh, man, I can't believe you still remember lol! Thank you~ *tackles* <3

    How have you been? Haven't seen you around in ages. But hey, I still remember your b-day. September 14th, right? ...I think. >_> Hope everything's okay with you. :3

    Well for some reason I always get nostalgic about AP/MT at the end of summer and every year I'm late for your birthday (and last year I completely forgot), so this time I put it in my calendar :D Not like I need an excuse to talk to you, but I guess it's become a bit of a tradition now ^__^.
    Anyway, yes I'm fine, not much has changed since last time I think. Still working at uni. Got my own appartment now, so that's cool.
    How about you!? Surely you must be done studying by now? :D

  7. MikuMasterX 5wk 6d ago

    Belated happy birthday for the 15th sani.

    I never get on here anymore. I just turned 30... im old now hahahha

    Hope you have been well! =)

  8. srsn 6wk 1d ago

    Quote by Alenas Happy birthday, woman! Hope you had a great one! :D

    Belated Happy bday too Sanela~ Hahahahha

  9. GoldenApe 6wk 3d ago

    Happy Birthday, Sani-chan! :3

  10. Monu-chan Elite Member 7wk 4d ago

    Quote by AlenasOh, yeah, congrats on becoming teal! I'm sure you'll do a great job as an Elite! :D

    Thank you so much! I'll try my best :D

  11. MisaSasekage Elite Member 7wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas 'Grats on being teal! You're one of the big bad girls now lol :3

    Thank you ^^

  12. Jason9811 8wk 0d ago

    Hue hue hue :3