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  1. elisadevelon 2m 52s ago

    Quote by AlenasHaha, thanks! I don't know how I manage to make them look like that, but I'm glad you like it. And mastering those fluffy clouds took me years lol so I'm glad all the effort and practice paid off. Wish I could say the same about water, yeah. I used a brush from one pack I have and had a field day smudging the crap out of colors lol. It was the same principle as in that 07Ghost wall I made a while ago but yeah, I really should try out something new to make it less disturbing. xD

    Thanks for the feedback and fave! :)

    It's funny that you don't even know. But that means you really have talent for this thing.

    Yep, I had another look at them both. It's probably just that in the 07Ghost wall the transition from air to water isn't so obvious as the contrast between wood and water in the Touhou wall. To be honest, I didn't even consciously notice the water in the 07Ghost wall. It fits in there really well but not in the Touhou wall... Does that even make sense? *sigh* I think you've improved it but I'd also follow xRedPhoenix's advice. She had a good suggestion.

  2. Steffi1690 23h 33m ago

  3. Painter 1d 3h ago

    Quote by Alenas Hahah, yes, he could. Though I think he'd catch more than fish. xD
    Ah, speaking of which, I made some adjustments as much as I could to the water so I hope it looks a bit better.

    A mermaid! :DD Sorry for late reply ^-^'
    Hmm... Maybe, it's better try to make less waves? I mean just some of them around her submerging hand. Like here

  4. xRedPhoenix 1d 4h ago

    Thanks for the fave on my latest wallpaper! :D
    Glad you noticed "dem grass brushes" LOL. It was either that or the cloud renders/lens flares, but that would be too much... XDXD

  5. Painter 1d 9h ago

    Quote by Alenas Haha, now that you mentioned it, the planets really do remind a lot of the Dream Works logo. I should've put that little sitting dude somewhere on them. xD
    Aye, the water needs more work, I know, I still haven't mastered it like I did the clouds. Should be able to do it in...a few years, give or take, lol.

    Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! And I just saw your photo, omg, you're just too cute~ <3

    Why not, it's water at the bottom, he could do some fishing x)
    I'm sure you'll master it, too, and much faster :)

    I'm your fan ^-^ not sure I'm cute that much, but thanks *shying*

  6. elisadevelon 3d 1h ago

    As Zix has already said, thank you for commenting and observations! Glad you liked the rays of light because I did the lighting effects and was just so unsure if I didn't overdo it. Zix kept all the light there and I still feel a bit disturbed by it. However, I've learned a great technique for making the rays and I'm happy it looks so good. Also, thanks for pointing out the fur. :)
    Zix really did put both shadows and highlights on all the leaves but like you said, there are a lot of them and the leaves were the most troublesome and frustrating part for both of us. I suppose you expected more shadows indicating some warping but I guess Zix just colored them based on the scan and there aren't really many shadows visible. It really looks more like there's just a texture. Maybe we could have used a stronger one, too?
    P.S. I love Yakumo's eye as well. :3

  7. Painter 4d 15h ago

    Quote by Alenas Kitty~!

    Now that that's out of my system, I gotta say I love the way you tweaked that texture on his pants/jeans. You can clearly see you paid attention to the direction of his legs and additional texture looks very good on the book, too. The vectoring is also pretty neat and I love those smooth, subtle brush strokes on the cat's fur. Nice job on the lighting and those stray rays of light over Yakumo's face (love that eye of his~) If I had to nitpick about something, it would be about adding some minimal shading/lighting touches on those leaves closest to the viewer but just looking at the amount of them, I can see what a pain they must've been like to just color and gradient. xD

    Lovely work, both of you! Hope to see more from you in the future! :)


    Gotta say it always looks strange when people simply add texture above smth twisted. So we tried not to repeat such mistakes :) Did you try to rotate the image? He has so innocence and pretty face after that XDD I was thinking about smothing some parts more but then decided to leave them as they are.
    About the leaves, I fairly put lights and shadows on every of them, but after adding so much light effects they're not as visible as it suppose to be... Anyway you still could see several shadows in places where leaves aren't too much close to each other :)

    Thanks a lot for your support from both of us ^-^

  8. Jason9811 5d 8h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by Jason9811 *poke* Oh Hai <3

    Hey there, you! 'Sup? xD

    Submitted a new wallpaper and wanted to say hi xD

  9. elisadevelon 1wk 5d ago

    Thank you for the fav, Alenas! :)

    Innocence by elisadevelon

  10. Jason9811 2wk 5d ago

    *poke* Oh Hai <3

  11. elisadevelon 2wk 5d ago

    Alenas, thank you so much for your support and advice in the contest! *hugs*

  12. Weskalia 3wk 0d ago

    [spoiler=Alenas]Uhh...a few months, I think?

    No idea either, lol but at least it seems there's more activity in galleries than it used be so I guess that's a plus. As for the graphics and stuff...hmm, the only person who comes to mind right now that's still active is Pande, one of the Mods, so maybe you could ask her?[/spoiler]

    I see, it's been so long, and MT isn't as active as I felt before. Most of the people I know are either went to another site or logged out :(.

    Mm, I'm thinking about making my own tumblr, you know to write post reviews since I no longer do reviews on MT. But I'm a sucker for theme and graphic. So does Pande take tumlr theme request too cuz I don't know many people do this.