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  1. Makeshift 5d 11h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    It's this one:

    She looks furtive, thank you for replying Alenas

  2. Monu-chan 5d 15h ago

    Quote by AlenasYeah, you can. Although for this type of fire, a circular gradient would do the trick probably since fire is lightest in the middle and then gets darker/more colorful towards the outer edges. Experiment! xD

    Yes Yes! I love experimenting xD
    Gonna try fire in unusual colors like purple, blue, green, pink etc too xD gonna smash all elements/compounds of periodic table on Bunsen Burner for different colored flames lol

  3. Monu-chan 5d 15h ago

    Quote by could add more colors, yeah - smudge them more finely, yenno - more thinner strokes, especially if the fire will be so close to the viewer. The closer things are, more details are visible. More darker reds/magentas in there somewhere might do the trick.

    Also, don't make the embers around it so....static. Embery fire and crackle around the fire motion blur some of them. Also, they need some outer glow from the fire, too. xD

    Got it! Gonna try all this tomorrow!
    Thanks a lot for help! :D
    And yeah can I put gradients on fire too? xD

  4. Makeshift 5d 15h ago

    hello Alenas, one question, who is the girl from your avatar?

  5. Monu-chan 5d 15h ago

    Quote by AlenasActually, that's not bad at all, Monu! Looks pretty decent for a flame! Keep it up! xD

    Thanks! :D
    Need more smudging or more colors? or both? xD
    After tomorrow I have 4 day offs 'cuz of an indian festival so gotta try more xD

  6. Monu-chan 5d 17h ago

    Yesterday I did this Crap, used Red, orange and color shades with different blending modes, layer masking and lots of smudging (with a mouse as I was lazy enough to sit on table and use tablet lol).
    How's this? I know that good at all xD
    I've read a tutorial and it said we can also use liquify filter, so gonna try that tomorrow.

  7. Monu-chan 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by AlenasYou can try looking at some scans with fire or even photos. As far as I remember, I used a lot of different shades of colors to get that effect. Reds, oranges, golden, yellows, whites, even browns, magenta and purples to get the end result. The center of fire is always the brightest, and colors spread to warmer, darker shades around it, culminating with hot air or smoke. And of course, adding embers around the fire with some soft glow around them does the trick.

    Okay, I will try again and let you see the result this time.
    Thanks for help! :D

  8. Monu-chan 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by AlenasWell, it requires some practice definitely. I had some trouble when I first started doing it in my KHR wall, too. But once you get the hang of it, it gets better and done faster so practice and patience is the key! Can't expect to get awesome results from the first try, especially if you've never done it before lol

    my main problem is blending colors in fire, smudging is alright.
    I don't know how to make fire glow or have that luminosity.
    I never expect anything in first try you know, I always mess up everything in first try xD

  9. Monu-chan 1wk 1d ago

    Quote by AlenasUhhh....well, that depends lol on how well you can do things with the smudge tool. I use a lot of that in my painting. I could make a short tutorial for you but that would require time and I am kinda busy right now, will probably be by the end of September. If it's not urgent, you can wait till then or in the meantime, browse some tutorials on dA or YouTube. I'm sure there are some good ones.

    And thanks! xD

    I can use smudge tool well, with tablet I can smudge much better, I think. >.>
    It's not urgent or anything, fire would be the last part to paint anyway. And next month I have exams so prolly won't be able to finish it until october.Searched some on dA and experimented it, result was bit crappy xD
    But if you're busy then it's okay.

  10. Monu-chan 1wk 1d ago

    Spoiler (show)

    you can just avoid this creepy Monu
    I just saw an awesome KHR scan and my bishie senses are jumping to wall it.
    But the thing is I don't know how to paint classic KHR style fire, yeah bishie is Tsuna. So can you please teach me painting those fire?

    P.S. Nice new layout :3

  11. Huesin Elite Member 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by AlenasAh, darn it, should've seen this sooner. I already did that lol~

    But, by all means, you make your own version. You can even add pink hearts and ribbons and stuff around it. It likes that kind of stuff, it'll appreciate the effort

    It's ok, the robot will get 2 pink versions of itself now, lol.

    I don't think it'll be grateful tho :P

  12. MikuMasterX 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by Alenas Happy Birthday, Brad~ We're now both officially ancient, lol xD

    Haha thanks sani! Belated happy birthday for the 15th too! Yep we are certainly ageing now ain't we! Next year is my 10th anniversary at MT! Holy crap that's gone fast! Sorry I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday till now. I haven't been on mt for a few weeks coz work is consuming most of life lately. Kinda used to that now. =P

    Anyway hope you had a good birthday and your doing well!xD