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  1. Monu-chan 2wk 5d ago

    Quote by AlenasOoh, Kaneki~ Love the choice of character! The perspective looks neat, too

    At first I decided DOG's Naoto, but didn't wanted to paint water after having panic attack last time while painting water on bishies lol
    So Re-read few chapters of TG and loved the pose of Kaneki so decided to draw and wall it xD

  2. Monu-chan 3wk 3d ago

    xD Hope you can see the link, can't open imgur xD

  3. srsn 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by Alenas Since I always like to know things, the mystery of that background is killing me lol!

    You already know I love this and it was a good idea to minimize the number of those cranes and add those flying leaves for more wind motion. Really great to see something from you again. Hopefully we can get that collab done by next year with our busy schedules haha :D

    Yo! As usual, thanks for the +fave on this wallpaper.

    LOL I'm gonna finish the line art of Xerxes break within the week. Hopefully.
    Uploaded already in PR.

  4. Tina18 3wk 4d ago

    have you seen my latest guestbook entry? the hell is that? XD olololol

  5. Monu-chan 3wk 6d ago

    Sooooo I finally decided what to wall. It'll be a TG wall, the pose is taken from a manga page and then I drew it's sketch lines. If everything will go fine then I'll be able to complete it by next month. :3

  6. Meronheddo 4wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas Lol, they look like an awkwardly put together sandwich. xDD

    I agree with srsn about the certain level of skills needed to make VK walls look pretty, especially with vectoring/vexeling only. I really loved your Yuuki 'Doll' wall, too so I'm glad to see you walled another one. I know how much work goes into walling VK, trust me. >_>

    Love the nice shapes and color transitions. Yuuki's lips are very nicely done, and the eyes, of course, too. I only think some of those snowflakes look a bit weird but that's just me nitpicking, lol.

    Great job and hope to see more from you~!

    Yeahh they do, its one of those moments! xD

    I saw your Zero wall so pretty! I've been pretty absent from here so getting to like and comment can be difficult. Its all the little details like the buttons and stuff.

    Snow flakes is struggle with this, I never know how to make bigger snow flakes without making them look a hep of balony!

    Thank you! :D proabably going to be another VK wall next, a new one something I haven't already starter yet.


  7. Monu-chan 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by AlenasYeah, Redjuice has nice art, too. Just please don't choose that Inori chick or what was her name from that anime...what was it called...Guilty Crown? I've seen so many things with her, I can't look at her anymore. As for other things I don't like - it's ecchi, lol, pretty much all Vocaloid and Hetalia-related. Those things you can avoid, too. xD

    Yup, Inori, pink hair creation of Mana, lol.

    Lol, ecchi is not my cup of tea either, well... senseless ecchi, I don't like balloons on chest as I don't like log like big shafts lol. Not a fan of Miku either, Hetalia? well its art is okay-ish but not something I wall.

  8. Monu-chan 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by Alenas Well, okay, if you really want to do it, lol. I think it might be a challenge for you, seeing as I don't like shoujo much and I even got bored of all those same-looking bishies. You already know I like series like Tokyo Ghoul and DOGS and shounen/seinen in general. Or you can go through my fave scans and pick something you like from there. Up to you, really.

    Lol, Walling shoujo walls are beyond my limits right now, I don't have enough patience to vector those glittery eyes and each and every hair strands >.>

    Miwa Shirow's art is full of contrast with minimal colors, maybe I'll try that or TG's art is good too. With Shounen KHR and OP comes in my mind, but KHR is all about bishies when it comes too art, lol. I'll go through your fave scans, and browse all sort of galleries with shounen theme to decide. ;3
    Also you like Redjuice's art?

  9. Monu-chan 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by Monu-chan Sooooooo.... What do you want as Thank you gift for helping me out? :D
    A vector? a wall? a hand drawing? OC drawing? bishies, or a scan you want me to wall? :D
    Just let me know, it'll take some time to finish but I'll try my best ;3

    Ehh, but you don't have to make anything for me, lol. I was glad I could help xD

    But still... I often shoot pms of "Halp" >3>
    You deserve a present! :D

  10. Carrera-chan 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by Alenas I love the atmosphere and the lighting in this wall, you've really managed to convey that well. The vector is also nice. If I had to nitpick, then I'd say those mountains in the back look a bit too 'over-filtered' and grungy. As for the water, the reflections are never really that clear, the reflections always look a bit 'faded out' so I'd tone down the saturation and opacity of the reflections in the water.

    Also, if you want to reply to people's comments, use the 'Quote in guestbook' option, otherwise you're just commenting on your own wallpaper and people aren't notified directly of your replies to their comments.

    Keep it up!

    thanks for getting me known with my faults and i really wanted this wall to finish, so yeah you can say i was getting too speedy ..... But my next wall will make you proud of minitokyan wallers...oh i have made the mountains grudy for my own like

  11. Monu-chan 4wk 6d ago

    Sooooooo.... What do you want as Thank you gift for helping me out? :D
    A vector? a wall? a hand drawing? OC drawing? bishies, or a scan you want me to wall? :D
    Just let me know, it'll take some time to finish but I'll try my best ;3

  12. Raiden121212 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by Alenas Err...yeah, I wouldn't rely on dA for most images there or so-called 'renders', since most of them feature images cut out/ripped from various artists on Pixiv and without the original artists' explicit permission, those images aren't allowed in wallpapers here. Yours just happened to be taken from an artist on Pixiv. Same goes for other 'wallpapers' used. Some level of originality and creativity still needs to be used here, besides just taking two images and pasting one on top of each other.

    The quality of both images in general is also not that great (pixelated and grainy in places) and your work also lacks your signature.

    Also, when you want to reply to someone, use the 'Quote in Guestbook' option; otherwise, you're just commenting on your own wallpaper and people can't directly see your replies.

    I wasn't aware that a lot of the images were ripped from Pixiv, sorry to the involved parties.

    I chose not to put a signature on it because, as you said, basically all I did was "Paste one image on top of another." I believe I said so in my description? I just thought if someone else wanted to use that image as a background like me then they could without the hassle of removing it from it's own background.

    I wasn't aware that Quote wasn't the way to reply to someone with a quote. lol

    Sorry about the quality, but like I said, it was just something I saw and wanted as a background. (It doesn't look to bad for me, but that's probably because it's downscaled to 1366x768)

    And since part of it is apparently indirectly ripped from Pixiv then how does one take it down? I don't see any option to remove it.