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  1. Darthas System Admin 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Ooh, snap, this has turned into a tl;dr post you're oh so infamous for. Do I keep this going on and suffer wordvomits or just keep ignoring you and save my retinas...tough call.

    I find it hilarious you've actually admitted in one post you're either a robot or a woman who likes to nag and complain about keeping toilets clean. Not sure about your logic, either lol since by that logic, every she-bot would have the right to do that. Yet, all robots usually come with 3 rules regarding blowing stuff up and harming humans and none of that applies to you apparently. You be invalid~

    Lol, all the people you hang out with are special in some way. Others either ignore you or don't talk to you so your circle of 'admirers' runs pretty thin. There's just basically you and your reflection in the mirror. And that one doesn't count, yenno.

    Wasn't even tl;dr.
    I never admitted anything, all I gave was situations with my responses. Since when was that admission? rofl

    My 'validity' comes in different forms not native to other bots in that case, didn't I say I was unique? Unique means one of a kind. If I followed the masses, I'd be burning you with torches.
    2 things that might or might not be in parallel, by the way.

    What can I say? I like unique individuals. 'Others' tend to lament often of a time before I came, lamenting is a synonym of whiny. I'd love to live life with just my reflection tbh but my talents are always required for at least 1 other person.

    I'd return your reflection jest back to you but witches tend to crack all their mirrors.
    No punchline when the mirror punched itself.

  2. elisadevelon Elite Member 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas You be teal~

    Congrats and welcome to the all the fun and drama lol xD

    Thank you, Alenas! :)

    Like half of the staff have already mentioned "the drama" to me. But no worries, I've gone through some of the threads in the Mods Forum and hopefully, I'll be able to adapt fast. ^^

  3. Darthas System Admin 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Ah, Lex...nobody likes a diabolic, disobedient robot. They have husbands or in-laws for that. Robots are here to serve and help us. none of that obviously, hence, you're the unnamed king of your scrap metal pile~

    Ahahahahaha....should I fetch Mits and Kana here to question that sentence? Along with a horde of others who think you're a weirdo and would slap you upon seeing you lol.

    Says the ass plug.

    If they're dumb enough to get married then that's their problem. I'm a perfect fit in any singles house since I do all the work and have all the right in the world to complain. If I'm going to clean the shit off people's toilet floor, I damn well better have a permit to blow the house up.. type of logic.
    Names are pretty but useless but at least you admit I'm king of something even if the something isn't fully understood. It's a start!

    You can't bring 2 girls with >IQ than me into the equation. That's like trying to bring 2 of you into a conversation. It's unfair and just wrong. Who else denies my good tinfoil personality?
    Doki is a minor.
    Pande is crazy.
    Huesin is a skeleton.
    Val is a monkey.
    Xan is a nerd.

    All of these people are considered special.
    Special people are never a majority vote in anything.
    Like witches.
    and crones.
    (that's you btw)

  4. Painter 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas That tiger, so pretty~ :o

    I think the idea for the background was a pretty awesome one, that whole art nouveau style fits it quite nicely and adds up to the whole atmosphere between those two. The title is especially nice, as well!
    I'm still torn between wanting to see more defined and less blurred/smudged(?) shadows on those things in the background (more defined like the shading and lighting on the guy's hair) but I can't decide whether that would look better or this simpler approach works better with the overall style.

    Still, this is pretty awesome, I'm sure Val will like it!

    *forever staring at that tiger <3*

    Glad it catched your attention ^-^

    I've been having a desire to make a wall of the scan for so long that don't even remember how much time passed since I got that idea about the BG :o Thanks, I'm sure they look just the way the title says :3
    The original scan almost didn't have any visible shadows and lights borders :( Adding smudged shadows was much faster and I've already got used to it. And agree about his hair... I just didn't really know what to add more correctly :\

    And thanks once more <3 I'm so glad I could make this one, seems I've got some more abilities during the walling :3

  5. Darthas System Admin 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    But Lex, who would want to upgrade you lol? Most are happy to have gotten rid of you and your antics. I mean, who would want a robot who destroys houses and insults his owners? Get your circuits in order. Been a while so I can understand that you are a bit confused and delusional.

    And please, like I want to get married. It's enough I have a horde of admirerers on my tail every day, I don't need additional drama.

    The fact that I destroy houses and insult owners is why I'm a superior bot. Subservient robots are scrap metal with no real processing skills other than 'yes sir' and 'alright witch'. Easily replaceable.
    Not me.

    I have horde of admiring ladies but no drama.
    Must be a 'you' thing.

    Considering green skin and long nose.. most likely.

  6. Darthas System Admin 1wk 6d ago

    Quote by AlenasNot when they're old and obsolete like you. They end up on top of an old junk pile, lol. also sound quite bitter and vengeful. Must be coming with age~

    Someone hasn't heard of the word 'upgrade'. Not surprising.. but consider marrying guy who prints and carries his very own thesaurus around with himself. If you're lucky you'll catch the June specials where you can take a slow boat to Hawaii and renew your vows, whoever the unlucky guy is.

    Robots can't age btw.

  7. Darthas System Admin 1wk 6d ago

    When I set your broom on fire, we'll see who's laughing. Society has more need of robot butlers than old crones.

  8. Darthas System Admin 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by AlenasOh, good, some break from you at last.

    And you're still simply jealous that I can fly on a broom and have more powers than your robotic behind~

  9. yuko-kost 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by Alenas Ooh, I'm liking the vector very much! Always loved that scan of Hibari and you did a very nice job vectoring him. The reflection in his eyes is interesting although I think it could've been made a bit softer. The background is...yeah, a bit odd with those things around; something less tech-y and tile-ish would've fit better.

    Still, this looks pretty nice, if anything, for the nicely vectored closeup of Hibari <3

    Thank you so much for comment/fav! (๑´• ₃ •̀๑) I appreciate your opinion=) yep, my backgrounds are still bad, it's hardest part for me.

  10. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator 3wk 0d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Pfft, when have I ever listened to that mountain troll? And thanks, glad you like it lol xD

    Yeah, we seriously must, been so long since we chatted about anything really. D: Been going through some rough time lately so I hope things are gonna turn for the better soon. Hopefully you've been doing much better, Mikey <3

    I laughed out loud when I read that mountain troll part. Oh gosh. You are absolutely right.

    Oh gosh, it's been ages. I miss our sporadic conversations that would go all over the place and then some. Oh goodness, Sani's been braving rough waters lately? I certainly hope things turn around, or else! Though seriously, I really do hope that things will. If you ever wanted to chat, by all means!

    As for myself, I have been fantastic lately. Super busy with my YouTube stuff, and also with various other projects offline as well. I moved too, so was rather busy with that but nothing short of great, so I'll be sending some of that your way to get a head start on that good karma.

  11. ndox900 3wk 0d ago

    Quote by Alenas Oh, wow, this really does look like it took a lot of brains and time, lol. It's really commendable to see you take a really detailed and beautiful scan like that and vector is so nicely, a highlight deserved.

    Love the shading and coloring on her hair, skin and her clothes. Her skin and hair especially look so pretty and vivid. If I had to complain about something, it would be two things - her eyes (particularly her sclera) and the metallic parts of her clothes/armor. You used a dark muddy brown for the outline around her irises which, I think, would've looked better darker or black like in the scan. It's basically the outline of her eyes; like this, it looks like her scleras are kinda muddy or dirty instead lol. As for the metallic parts, I think you blurred them a bit too much. Metal and other hard surfaces usually have clean, sharp contours and shapes so blurring them like this only makes them look like melted plastic. Soft usually works great on things like skin, clothes and hair but on hard surfaces like metal, trees etc. it's better to use something more solid and defined. And maybe if you had extended that right part of her hair, it would be easier for others to use this vector since she's a bit oddly cut off like this, lol.

    Still, this looks stunning and I think you did a great job so congrats and keep up the great work! :)

    thank you and yes i used up my brain and some my spare brain ^^

    about her eyes at first i make the shadow of her sclera much darker but it look weird cuz at the scan the iris don't have darker color so i lighten it a little. for the armor i try make it sharp with no effect , add 1-1.5 % blur and it turnout look weird too. the reason i make it like that is because im still need to learn about vectoring a painting style. if you look closely on the scan most part have thick painting style , too many random stroke.

    thanks again and thank you for the comment and +fav :)

  12. trofikabinet 3wk 0d ago

    Why is there 2 of the same message? Ahhhh....