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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper

Come What May [Apocalypse Today]

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper

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Hayabusa Yuuki Wallpaper

The Darkest Dawn

Hayabusa Yuuki Wallpaper

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Wand of Fortune Wallpaper

Your Prettiest Nightmare

Wand of Fortune Wallpaper

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Vampire Knight Wallpaper

On A Night Like This

Vampire Knight Wallpaper

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Yuuri Nishiwaki Wallpaper

Cosmic Flower [Be My Constellation]

Yuuri Nishiwaki Wallpaper

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Kawaku Wallpaper

Enchanted Waters

Kawaku Wallpaper

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  1. GoldenApe 3d 5h ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Well, I am studying to be a librarian among other things so yeah. And lol, you guys and your dating sims. So naughty. xDD

    Oh sure, us fantasizing about librarians is naughty and weird, but it's totally fine for a woman to fantasize about half-naked teenage vampires? :P

    Quote by Alenas
    My cat? Oh, you mean the brown one? She's doing fine. We recently got another one, too. Somebody threw the poor thing on the street one night. It was meowing for the whole night until it somehow ended up in our yard the next day so I caught it and decided to adopt it. It was skin and bones. It's much bigger now, loves to purr and loves to chase stuff around, lol. Too bad the female cat doesn't like it; they both keep hissing at each other but the male one seems to be fine with it, he even licks it. The dog doesn't seem to like it much either, but then again, he doesn't like any of them, so... *shrugs* xD

    Aw that's nice! I didn't know you had so many animals, I only knew the one cat from the picture you sent me once :D

    Quote by Alenas
    Lmao, I swear, it seems like everyone wants to visit me this year. And well, I could show you around if you ever get here. Zagreb, in particular, since I'm studying there now, although I myself don't know all the sights and places so I guess we'd be discovering them together. xDD

    Lol, it's always funny how you tend to never really know any touristy things about the places you live or work in. I know next to nothing about the place I work in either, so every time someone visits me and wants to be shown around I have to Google stuff xD. I find it especially annoying when people ask me for a good restaurant in the area. As if I'm ever going to go out by myself to try those things >_<

  2. Painter 4d 6h ago

    Quote by AlenasOh, yeah, it all looks much neater and smoother now; more in tune with the rest of the background. Good job! :)

    Thanks, now I can become a bit more happy! :DD
    May I add you to my friendlist?..

  3. Painter 4d 9h ago

    Oh, finished reworking of Battlefield. Hope it's much better now T-T

  4. Monu-chan 6d 3h ago

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by Monu-chan Well....what to say...
    Ummmm... I LOVE IT! and that's the reason i used this wallpaper for my userpage header!
    SUGOI work! especially those Sakura petals!

    Ah, thanks, glad you liked it! :D

    Your Welcome! \(^0^)/ I love your wallpaper~!

  5. Tina18 6d 8h ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Tina-pyroooo~ *glomps*

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! To be honest, lol, I don't even care about that anymore. It's become a day like any other to me. I don't even feel old, I think I'll be mentally stuck at 9 forever. xDD

    How's you? We haven't talked in ages! D:

    I missed them glomps.
    Hahaha, You're a very smart and talented 9yr old then :p for me it's a bit depressing but oh well, since being a forever young vampire is not an option gotta stick to the basics and get old.
    I know. :(( I've been very busy this past year struggling with work and uni and being alive, this summer vacation has been like a breath of fresh air, but all of it will start again in October when uni starts, boo.
    there were talks of a trip to Croatia but I'm the only one that wants to go there, everyone is like PARIS mang paris, so yenno. I do want to stay away from airplanes too. How's you? what's new?

  6. Painter 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by Alenas Ohh, I'm loving the clouds! The moment I saw this, I got reminded of that Touhou scan I walled so you definitely made the clouds recognizable. Thanks for the dedication, too! :)

    While I agree with Elisa that some of that lineart could be less sketchy and more smooth, the extension was done really well and the whole atmosphere is really solemn but at the same time, peaceful. Nice job!

    Really glad, you like it ^-^ The second person tells me to fix the same thing, so I'll work on it, but a bit later, because of leaving to studing tomorrow :)

    It seems I paint now even more than make vectors XDD Trying to get better in both ways. Accidently saw that there was your BD not long ago. Seriously I didn't know about that, but maybe this wall could become a gift now :DD

    Thanks for replying :)

  7. GoldenApe 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Haha, thanks! I hope so, too. In the meantime and until I graduate, I'll be working at the Uni library via student service. It's a part-time-ish job but the pay is decent and even bigger than some people get paid for working regularly every day so I won't complain. And I'll have some time to work on my theses, too.

    Ouch, a cold. I hope you feel better now. *pats* Drink lots of tea with honey. :)
    Haha, let me guess - shelves stacked with Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and other popular series lol? And nah, haven't been abroad in quite a while. I hope to change that once I earn some money finally. It really sucks to have to leech off your parents for so long, urgh. I did spend about a week, visiting my friends at the seaside, where my former Uni is so that was a nice change of pace.

    Ever planing of visiting Croatia? :D

    Oh that's pretty cool working at a uni library! Although I can't help thinking about seeing you in one of those Japanese dating sim-like scenarios now, lol :P. There's always a library girl in there as well. Not that I play any of those games ^__^"

    Yea.. life is pretty cruel in regards to giving you the opportunity to travel. In school/college/uni you don't have the money for it (unless your parents are loaded, but then when you have a job, all your time and money goes into your home and household for the first couple of years. And then for many people kids come along, who further limit your options, so by the time you finally get both the time and resources to travel, you're too old and your body can't keep up anymore. So yea, grab any chance as soon as it presents itself! Or don't get kids :P
    Speaking of which, how's your cat doing?

    I do want to go to Croatia actually, especially seeing how beautiful it is in Game of Thrones :D (mostly CG, I know, but still). The only problem is that I'm such a control freak that I absolutely dread going to a place where I don't speak -or at least understand- the native language. It's too stressful. If only I knew someone who spoke Croatian and could translate into perfect English, as well as maybe show me around... :D

  8. akiranyo 1wk 4d ago

    My brother still drinks the leftover croatian beer, ummm how it is called...O┼żujsko or wth? I have just put my tongue into it from mere curiosity, doesn't seems to be different as any regular beer here.
    And a vineyard, thats fine. We have a small one too, in backyard of my grandma's house - she died 2 years ago and we as the primary family to inherit, basically just maintain it until heritage is finally decided, everything such takes here enormally long, just as in some african country. So don't worry your officials aren't the only who are retarded, we have plenty of them as well.

  9. Tina18 1wk 6d ago

    gee, I'm late for your bday too.
    Happy belated birthday, hope it was a great one, and you weren't feeling the none of the despair I felt as getting older this year xDD

  10. akiranyo 2wk 0d ago

    Guess, I'm quite girlish? Time to play out my trap card!

    Funny that I'm actually the one helping out my father to brew out our homemade booze, yet I barely even tasted it. My family blood would actually make me quite resistant towards any (two from our distant family even died due alcohol - but they drank for 50 years straight) but I simply don't want any.
    Perhaps if I would be drunk I would submit some blank images to MT with some provocative texts or I would try to vector hardcore hentai xD

  11. akiranyo 2wk 0d ago

    I pass on that too. Never was drunk nor I plan to be.
    Im personally not one of those beach holiday types - even when my wallpapers indicate something else. But guess Croatia could offer enough history as well. Would like to drift trough all the castles and stuff.
    I'm going now to look trough the hundreds of photos what they made.

  12. GoldenApe 2wk 1d ago

    Quote by Alenas
    Has it really been that long? Man, time flies indeed.

    Ah yeah, you mentioned then that you were working there and that you'll probably stay working there, that's awesome. Having a steady job has really become a luxury nowadays. And man, living on your own sounds so great, too, I'm jelly ;___;

    Ooh, Paris~ Yeah, I bet. Looking at the photos is nice and all but nothing can replace that real feeling of actually being there and seeing it all with your own eyes. Bought any souvenirs? :D

    Sadly job stability has indeed become a luxury these days, even for awesome people like yourself. I really hope you'll manage to get a cool job as well after your masters degree.

    Nah the only thing I brought back from Paris are fond memories and a cold. It's the one downside of having everything at your disposal via the internet nowadays; there's almost nothing unique anymore to a certain place or region in terms of products to buy. I actually went to see these 'manga streets' in Paris that somehow have 5 or 6 manga and anime stores all pretty much next to each other, but it was the most depressing thing ever walking from one shop to the next and just seeing exactly the same mass-imported things over and over again. And I really wanted to get something, because last time I was in Paris, 8 years ago, I found some limited Belgium version of Appleseed on DVD (so it had Dutch subtitles) and now every time I look at my collection I remember that trip. But yea, I just couldn't find anything this time that wasn't also more easily and more cheaply available on Amazon or whatever.
    Still, I can highly recommend going to Paris some time. Do you get out of the country at all? How did you spend your holiday?